I’ve Stumbled Upon Something

I recently realized that if the peeps, one or the other or both, are getting ready to go in the CAR, I can make it virtually impossible to get left behind.

Now I came upon this accidentally, as these things usually happen.  In the past I would just use The Follow.  You know the one, where you shadow them every step and just hope they’ll give in.  Then, to The Follow, I added The Look.  That look only a dog can give, the “I’m helpless, poor me, don’t you love me any more?” look.  That got me MORE rides. 

I’m bringing out the big guns.  No more messing around, no pussy footing (no offense meant to all the cats out there reading my blog), No More Mr. Nice Guy (tossin’ a thanks to Alice Cooper for that one).  This is the real deal, and oh, how it works!

I still use The Follow and The Look, but to this arsenal I’ve added The Whimper.  This isn’t just any whimper.  I Follow, Look, and just as they walk past me and I’m in their tailights (so to speak), I give the slightest, weakest little Whimper.  Just kind of a squeak, really.  After all, I’m just so devestated and depressed, I can barely eke it out.

BINGO!!! PAYDAY!!! I am the winner of the power-ball ride lottery!!!  Someone will always say, “Oh, my, can’t the dogs go? He’s  upset.”  HAHAHA!!!!

And I am IN- the car, of course.  So take a lesson from a pro, you guys and gals.  Work those peeps and it will work for you!       


About onecoolgriff

Hello to all my friends! My name is Rambo and I'm a Petite Brussels Griffon living in Michigan. My family is a bit diverse, and we love all the exciting things that can happen when you live in a small zoo. Included in my family are five dogs (two more Griffs, although Pearlie Blue is really a Pug-Griff I think, and Jemmie the diva; Atticus the Rottweiler aka Atticus the Bratticus, and Buddy the incredibly-old-but-still-getting-around whatever kind of dog), two cats that the peeps call Barn Cats, making them a bit more mysterious than a "regular" cat; three VERY BIG horses, and of course my two peeps, Mom an Dad. I love being a little Griff in a big world. Everyday is an adventure and my job is to find the usual things and make them unusual. Never a problem! I'll be sure to let you know whenever I find something new and exciting.
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One Response to I’ve Stumbled Upon Something

  1. Bassas Blog says:

    Love it! Your description of a whimper is so funny 🙂

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