Preparing Mom for Agility Classes

I had a revelation yesterday.  It came to me while we were outside on one of our “necessary” trips.  Everyone knows that Mom’s pretty good at handling three Griffs at once.  Well, not to discount Gemmie, and at the risk of making her feel a bit indignant, I will point out that she is like a million years old.  She’s just not going to be making the big getaway, right?  Right.  So Gem’s kind of a non-issue here.  Sorry, Gem old girl, really we do still love you. 

But, Pearle and I can make a simple potty break look like a three-way tango.  As if by some pre-arranged signal, we both go separate ways as soon as we are off the porch.  We each have one of those extendable leash things that have a handle and a long leash.  It doesn’t take but a moment for us  to realize that if I’m on the left, I should move over to the right and vice-vesus.  So Mom’s hands go behind her back and SWITCH!  Of course, exploration is a given in this situation, and so… we’ll need to go back to the side we were on!  Mom’s hands go up over her head, and SWITCH!, we’re staightened out for the moment. 

But what’s that? A tree!  A bush!  A rock!  A cat!  A… oh, who cares, anything, on the OTHER SIDE of Mom will do.  This time Mom does a lovely pirouette (good form, Mom), and we are back where we started.  Whoops, too fast for you, huh?  Now we’ve become one dog as our lines get tangled.  The holder of the leashes does a couple of quick flips of her hands (eerily similar to twirling a baton- Mom, tell me you didn’t ever…???) and Voila!  We are two separate dogs again.

This has become so entertaining for Pearle and I that we are designing an agility course for Mom this spring.  We see it this way, we’re spoiled, demanding, pampered dogs, so she’s already following orders and jumping through most of the hoops.  She may as well get an entire course down.  We might just win some ribbons with her…


About onecoolgriff

Hello to all my friends! My name is Rambo and I'm a Petite Brussels Griffon living in Michigan. My family is a bit diverse, and we love all the exciting things that can happen when you live in a small zoo. Included in my family are five dogs (two more Griffs, although Pearlie Blue is really a Pug-Griff I think, and Jemmie the diva; Atticus the Rottweiler aka Atticus the Bratticus, and Buddy the incredibly-old-but-still-getting-around whatever kind of dog), two cats that the peeps call Barn Cats, making them a bit more mysterious than a "regular" cat; three VERY BIG horses, and of course my two peeps, Mom an Dad. I love being a little Griff in a big world. Everyday is an adventure and my job is to find the usual things and make them unusual. Never a problem! I'll be sure to let you know whenever I find something new and exciting.
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3 Responses to Preparing Mom for Agility Classes

  1. Bassas Blog says:

    Hahahaha! What a great dance! 🙂

  2. rumpydog says:

    Oh Dog! Your mama must be quite agile!

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