The Itty Bitty Baby

Going out on the Big Dog Walk is just about a guarantee that I’ll see something incredible.  There is soooo much STUFF out in the big world that I have not yet seen. 

Sometimes it’s scary- I’m thinking about those big Sandhill Cranes.  They aren’t only big and tall, they make the wierdest sound and are really noisy.  They get my nerves on edge.  

Once in a while we scare up (and I mean they are probably very scared) a cute fuzzy little bunny.  That’s always exciting for about three seconds.  Bunnies zig and zag and then they’re gone!!

Snakes kinda creep me out.  I’ve got nothing personal against snakes in general, but they do tend to slither.  Now, that word in itself is just plain icky.  I think snakes get a bad rap just because of that one word.  But it’s not my place to befriend all the snakes and put an end to all the bad press.  Anyone who wants the job can have it.  I just get the shivers….

BUT… we came across someone with a very high cool factor the other day.  He was crawling around on the pavement, of all things.  I know nothing about Testudines (Go ahead, look it up!), but this tiny guy looked like a baby.  So cute, so sweet, so innocent,…you get the idea.  So, without further ado, here is my newest outdoor discovery:

Now isn’t he just as cute as a bug?  And about the same size, too!

We put him down near the pond.  He should not be out on the pavement.  I think, for some reason, he is not wise to the ways of the world yet.

I am so looking forward to our next adventure in the great outdoors.  See ya’all in the big wide open-



About onecoolgriff

Hello to all my friends! My name is Rambo and I'm a Petite Brussels Griffon living in Michigan. My family is a bit diverse, and we love all the exciting things that can happen when you live in a small zoo. Included in my family are five dogs (two more Griffs, although Pearlie Blue is really a Pug-Griff I think, and Jemmie the diva; Atticus the Rottweiler aka Atticus the Bratticus, and Buddy the incredibly-old-but-still-getting-around whatever kind of dog), two cats that the peeps call Barn Cats, making them a bit more mysterious than a "regular" cat; three VERY BIG horses, and of course my two peeps, Mom an Dad. I love being a little Griff in a big world. Everyday is an adventure and my job is to find the usual things and make them unusual. Never a problem! I'll be sure to let you know whenever I find something new and exciting.
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4 Responses to The Itty Bitty Baby

  1. dogdaz says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ the lil' turtle

  2. Bassas Blog says:

    I love the tiny turtle. He must be very smart because he found some money!

  3. Wow! I like turtles. ~ Brandon age 10 🙂

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