Rotten Little Ingrates!

We had a whopper of a storm here yesterday.  I always find it strange that the wind dies down just before it kicks up to about 60mph.  But I’m no meet-rologist, or what ever that guy Matt is in the TV.  And it’s not like he really knows his subject.  Many times he’s pretty vague, saying, “Possible this and chance of that.”  And it seems that he is wrong a LOT.  If I were wrong that many times in a week, I’d be in the dog house.  But, yet again, I digress.  It was the storm I was talking about, not our somewhat incompetent weather people.

I know the corn field was begging for a big sloppy drink, and it got what it wanted.  Sideways sheets of rain.  We had a real downpour.  The ground went from dry as a bone (Oooh, I like bones…) to this:Image

By the way, there is usually no water here.  So that’s a lot!!

I stayed inside during the storm.  Being a little guy, I do not mess with high winds and landscape-changing rains.  Or lightening, thunder, hail…, need I go on???  I’m more the comfort-of-the-couch kind of dog.  Peeking out from behind my peeps at the storm is close enough for this Griff.

There are others that do not have these fears.  I must say some creatures actually seem to welcome a dose of precipitation.  Here is who we found in a mud puddle after the storm:


We can all see this is a MUD puddle, but this guy seems to be enjoying it totally.  I’m not sure where he came from- I don’t usually see turtles at my house, and no water for a quarter mile or so, but, well, there he is!  And a bit later, when we went out, he was gone!  Swam around in my puddle and left without so much as a “Thanks, see you later.”  The little bugger!  The audacity!  The arrogance!

I’m feeling a bit used and abused over this flagrant display of inconsideration.  But I’m sure I can work my way out of it with an extra treat, some fun squeaky toy play and lots of extra Mom hugs.

I’ve go to go find my mom…


About onecoolgriff

Hello to all my friends! My name is Rambo and I'm a Petite Brussels Griffon living in Michigan. My family is a bit diverse, and we love all the exciting things that can happen when you live in a small zoo. Included in my family are five dogs (two more Griffs, although Pearlie Blue is really a Pug-Griff I think, and Jemmie the diva; Atticus the Rottweiler aka Atticus the Bratticus, and Buddy the incredibly-old-but-still-getting-around whatever kind of dog), two cats that the peeps call Barn Cats, making them a bit more mysterious than a "regular" cat; three VERY BIG horses, and of course my two peeps, Mom an Dad. I love being a little Griff in a big world. Everyday is an adventure and my job is to find the usual things and make them unusual. Never a problem! I'll be sure to let you know whenever I find something new and exciting.
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3 Responses to Rotten Little Ingrates!

  1. Hope you got through the storm okay. Loved the turtle photo and the humor. 🙂 Sam

  2. pugmantis says:

    Oh, Rambo, how did you deal with all of that WETNESS? Gah! Where is the weather we ordered???

  3. Bassas Blog says:

    I love the picture of the turtle – he looks really happy 🙂

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