I’m a griff living in Michigan with a pretty diverse family.  It’s pretty cold here today (I had to wear my sweater outside- yuk!)  We have two more griffs (both girl griffs, lucky me), a really old (really old!) whatever kind of dog, a great Rottweiler named Atticus, cats (not real cats, like house cats, these are what the people call barn cats), and horses. 

I have important chores on my list each day, like eat, play, sleep, pick on Pearle (that’s an important one), and sit on laps.  There is always lots to do, and if something doesn’t just come along, I can invent fun things to do. It can be kind of exhausting being me, but who else has my huge personality and can actually do all of these things in one day??

It will be fun getting to know each other-

Talk to you soon-



4 Responses to About

  1. Bassas Blog says:

    Hi Rambo, I’ve just awarded you the ‘Just Kiddin’ Award http://bassasblog.wordpress.com/2012/04/17/35-today/

  2. msdoolittle says:

    ah Rambo! Why does your kind have to be so difficult to find? We have a ‘Francesca’ (my profile pic). Definitely the best dogs, in my opinion. Now if we can just find another….Keep on being irresistably “Griffy”.

    • onecoolgriff says:

      Hi! I believe I am smitten with your Francesca. She’s lovely! Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. I wondered, why are you having a hard time finding us? Where did you come by Francesca? I come from one of the top breeders of Griffons. She actually started the smooth blacks and got us recognized by the AKC. Tell me all about you- I’m very curious (You know that if you read any of my blogs!). My mom is a crazy gardener on our farm, a lot like you. She likes your blogs. Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. msdoolittle says:

    OH, you lucky little dog, you! (I can’t believe I’m chatting w/ a dog…) Well, actually Fran came from a shelter! Yes! Can you believe it! I nearly ripped the door off of the enclosure to get to her. The smooth blacks are my very favorite; this is why I clicked on your blog. I have emailed and spoke with a breeder close to Dallas, but she shows mostly and doesn’t breed :0( We can’t imagine not having a Griff in the house. We did try rescue a few years back, but it didn’t pan out for us (not many Smooths, and many of the dogs have behavior problems since they are puppy mill doggies), so we finally decided to find a breeder so we can get exactly what we’d like. No hurry, just would like to find someone for when we are ready, you know. Yes, your mom and I must chat! :0)

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