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Here’s to Old Friends

So here I am, hangin’ with Gemmie.  She’s my really old friend.  I mean, not that we’re actually old friends, but she’s actually really old.  But she doesn’t seem to notice that small detail.  And let me tell you, she can … Continue reading

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“I’m Stuck in the Middle With You”

It seemed a bit chilly when I woke up last night next to Mom in the big bed.  So I thought I should go under the covers.  I know, this sounds pretty easy.  Somehow with a sprinkle of sleepy dust … Continue reading

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Older Than Dirt???

My mom told a lady that Buddy was “older than dirt”.  Now I’m sure not a rocket scientist, so I don’t know how old dirt is, but I’ve been around for three years or so, and dirt has always been here.  … Continue reading

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Birds, Revisited

Hello All! Greetings from the winter wonderland we call Michigan. The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day.  I went outside twice already and peed on everything just because I could (and my paw pads weren’t turning into ice … Continue reading

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Yup, It’s Winter

I’m just gonna stay cozied up in this here bed until the storm passes.

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This is For the Birds

Last night we had birds in our house.  Now I really wanted one, two , or even all three of those birds.  Of course, I whined jumped around and basically carried on in a ridiculous manner.  I tried every trick … Continue reading

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No Greater Foe

Today’s big challenge came in the form of a Maglight.  Now this isn’t just your average Maglight, for those doubters out there who think I’m losing my mind.  This one “clicks” and when it does, a light comes out of … Continue reading

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